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Formula Juan Racer: Numero Uno!
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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Busch Bay: A New Name for SeaWorld

It is rare for a theme park to get a new name, but it does happen.  Case in point: Walt Disney World's Disney MGM Studios became Disney's Hollywood Studios.

My pitch to SeaWorld:  change the name of SeaWorld to Busch Bay.  I think it could solve a bunch of problems.

SeaWorld has been struggling with its image.  Rumors about the future of the parks have been swirling online for years.

SeaWorld getting sold or closing down is the biggest rumor on the internet lately.  While nobody should believe everything they read online, one SeaWorld park has closed in the past: SeaWorld of Ohio (1970-2000).

SeaWorld Ohio was not allowed to build rides.  So it was sold off as expansion to Six Flags Ohio.  Ironically, Six Flags Ohio was sold off to Cedar Fair, and the former SeaWorld site became a water park.

The addition of roller coasters to SeaWorld parks started in 1997 with The Great White inverted coaster in San Antonio.

Anheuser-Busch bought the SeaWorld parks in 1989.  So SeaWorld slowly started to resemble its sister Busch Gardens parks.

SeaWorld Orlando got Kraken in 2000, giving the Orlando market a new place for big thrills.

Some of the marketing and merchandising for SeaWorld's Kraken was very similar to Busch Gardens Williamsburg's Loch Ness Monster roller coaster (opened in 1978).

Kraken and the Loch Ness Monster promotional mascots: Fraternal Twins!  (Recently Kraken was switched to a more traditional "release the Kraken" squid as part of the new "Kraken Unleashed" VR overlay).

Eventually, the SeaWorld/Busch Gardens chain was sold off by the owners of Anheuser-Busch.  This brought the new SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment chain that includes Busch Gardens, SeaWorld, Sesame Place, and several water parks.  The Busch name is licensed to SeaWorld Parks.

Once Upon a Time, Shamu and his crew appeared in McDonald's Happy Meals.

These days, the cartoon Shamu is not quite as visible.

The old Shamu has a bit of an image problem today.  So does this old Ronald McDonald.
SeaWorld Parks have a secret weapon.  And that weapon is Sesame Place.

Opened in Langhorne, Pennsylvania in 1980, Sesame Place is a small Sesame Street theme park.

Sesame Place is very successful for SeaWorld.  A new park is planned to open somewhere else in the United States.

Sesame Street lands exist in both Busch Gardens parks and at SeaWorld parks in California and Texas.  Florida is next (could it be a mini Sesame Place?).

Additions like hypercoaster Mako (added to SeaWorld Florida in 2016) further added to the idea that the park was becoming more like Busch Gardens.

The next new ride for SeaWorld Orlando is Infinity Falls, a raft ride with a vertical lift that opens in 2018.

I thought of a new marketing slogan for Busch Bay:  Come Sail Away at Busch Bay.

They'd have to use the Styx song "Come Sail Away" in the commercials.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Showdown At Subway: Jive Turkey Dance Club vs Funky Fresh Chicken Dance Club

I eat lunch at Subway every weekday.  This week, I tried the (limited time) Autumn Carved Turkey sandwich.  I really like it!  It inspired me to create a new character.  It inspired two, actually.  I was thinking of "Rival Mascot" characters that are used for promotions, like Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry cereals from General Mills.  I want Subway to have characters, too.  The first is Jive Turkey Dance Club.  He is heavily influenced by Robert Crumb's Keep on Truckin'.  Just imagine the Bee Gees song Jive Talkin' playing in Jive Turkey's commercial.

When I order the Autumn Carved Turkey at my Subway, I now ask for the Jive Turkey.

My regular sandwich at Subway is the Rotisserie-Style Chicken.

So of course, the rival sandwich of the Jive Turkey Dance Club is the Funky Fresh Chicken Dance Club.

Funky Fresh Chicken Dance Club is clearly inspired by Saturday Night Fever.

Run Forrest Ham is based on Subway's Black Forest Ham Sub and the 1994 Tom Hanks movie, Forrest Gump.

Attention, Jive Turkey!  You just got served!  On fresh-baked six inch Italian bread, with chips and a drink.

Hustle on down to Subway and join the Clubs!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Formula Juan Racer

Sometimes ideas just write themselves.  Such is the case with Formula Juan Racer.

I have a friend named Juan.  English is his second language, and he is one of the funniest people I know.  He grew up in Mexico and I feel like we bonded through my attempts to speak Spanish with my limited High School Spanish class knowledge from long ago.

Oh, and he knows how to dance like Johnny Bravo (the Cartoon Network character).  Seriously, he did that with no prompting from me.  So I know that Johnny Bravo is well known in Mexico.

For his birthday, I got him a joke car trophy engraved with "Formula Juan" (I thought it was clever).  Shortly after that, I became "Social Media Friends" with Juan.  He saw some of the photos I'd posted of puppets and sculptures I've made.

One day, he approached me and asked, "Are you a witch doctor?  I saw the VooDoo doll you made."

This was one of the funniest things I've ever heard.  And a giant leap of logic.  I've never made a VooDoo doll.  Not on purpose, anyway.  Those were just puppets I'd made.

Juan said "I'd better be careful, or I might see myself."

So, of course, right away, I made a "VooDoo doll" of him out of paper, and sent him a picture on his social media.

I started thinking---"Formula Juan Racer" is a really good idea for a cartoon.

The "VooDoo doll" that I had made out of paper was a good starting point, but the Juan Racer design got a significant upgrade.  Originally, his outfit was going to be green, but he looked too much like Fidel Castro with a green hat.

The car was the tricky thing.  What should it look like?  I knew it would be red, but it couldn't look like Lightning McQueen from Pixar's Cars. I wanted it to look special, and not necessarily exactly like a Formula 1 car.

In the end, inspiration for "El Coche" the car came from several different places:  Disney's Alice in Wonderland (the Playing Cards and the Cheshire Cat), plus the animated titles for the 1989 film Loverboy, plus Mexican Wrestling, and by a happy total coincidence, the Mexican Flag.

For Juan's birthday, I wanted to get him a good "Feliz Cumpleanos" Birthday Card, but instead of searching for one, I decided it would be easier to make one.  In the shape of a Fiesta hat!

Feliz Cumpleanos Formula Juan Racer Card

I feel like this is the first Formula Juan Racer merchandise.

For his birthday present, I got Juan a small keychain flask with his name engraved on one side and an image of Johnny Bravo dancing on the other side.

One day I hope to make Formula Juan Racer into a movie or a cartoon.  Juan could even do the voice!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Man-Atee and Woman-Taray: Seaside Super Heroes

In 2014, I came up with a parody of a superhero, named "Man-Atee."  I'm not really a superhero fan, but I am a fan of sea life.  I thought of a villain for him take on, originally named "Rachael Devil-Ray."  This character quickly became his sidekick, Woman-Taray.

The Man-Atee character is a mechanic, living at the beach, longing to be a superhero.  The premise of the comic is that he has to invent a need for a superhero at the beach.  So he creates dangerous machinery to threaten everyone.  Essentially, he is unintentionally a super villain.

Originally, the idea was that these characters were taking Cosplay to an extreme, and crazies in a normal world.

However, this idea quickly changed.  The reality part wasn't fun.  So everyone in the world is in on the fun, too.

Man-Atee's look was inspired by a mix of "Steampunk Mechanic" and "Football Player" meets a manatee.  The goggles are meant to represent a manatee's nostrils.

Woman-Taray is eccentric and imaginative.  Her costume is kite-like, and she has the ability to fly.

Woman-Taray is very much into theatrical posing and movement.  And crafting.

Over time, I was sharing this project with Friends on Facebook.

The original idea for Man-Atee was that he was a former New York mechanic.  However, my artist friend, Reed Randolph, had mentioned that he heard the voice of John C. Reilly when he read Man-Atee.  I love that!

Now I hear John C. Reilly as Man-Atee!

Of course, I had to include a parody of Furries.

The Catfisherman character stemmed from my frustration with social media interactions.

The Catfisherman design inspired me to make a whole world of aquatic creature-inspired humans.

Yes, I have actually met at least one person in Florida who looks like a walrus.

This is my favorite Man-Atee and Woman-Taray comic panel I've done.

Another character I am proud of is the Trojan Seahorseman.

The Trojan Seahorseman is a super hero and an involved father who brings his kids on his crime fighter missions.

A very big inspiration for Man-Atee and Woman-Taray comes from the IFC series Portlandia.  I was introduced to Portlandia by friends who spent a year living in Seattle.  We became hooked on the quirky show and its world of wacky characters.

I imagine Lil' Urchin speaking with a British accent.

Man-Atee's imagination is limitless, and he enjoys building robots---like Demoli-Shark.

Hammer Edd was originally conceived as a villain, but he became a friendly citizen when I thought he would be funnier and more appropriate as a construction worker.

Growing up visiting the beach in Florida, we heard a lot about something scary called Red Tide.  Red Tide is a harmful algal bloom that is deadly to marine life.

Scarlett Redtide became a "Poison Ivy" type character threatening Man-Atee.

Man-Atee needed a "Damsel-in-distress" character, and he got one in Miss Sireena.

Miss Sireena is based on a mermaid ("Sirena" is "mermaid" in Spanish).

Of course, the mermaid myths stem from sailors mistaking manatees for women with fish tails.  Somehow.

Miss Sireena doesn't appreciate Man-Atee's help.

As noted, I'm not a big superhero fan.

A lot of inspiration for Man-Atee and Woman-Taray comes from Disney's Darkwing Duck.

This is pretty blatant with Simon Sandflea.

I was channeling Stephen King with Simon's Sandcastle.

Man-Atee has a crazy imagination.

I had never heard of Lampreys until Saturday Night Live did a skit about them years ago (Google it).

Man-Atee's mechanical creatures were fun to dream up.

Also fun: naming them.

The machines Man-Atee creates are sometimes downright diabolical.

Robo-Moby Whalebot is destruction with flair.

Electrical Storm Eel is also pretty dangerous.

This was originally called the Main Street Electrical Eel.

Woman-Taray is down for helping Man-Atee come up with more mechanical creatures.

Nuclear Tuna Meltdown could cause a panic.

What do Man-Atee and Woman-Taray look like without their costumes?

The look like characters from Grease, of course!

Man-Atee has a cool motorcycle, too.

The Crustacean Chopper Cycle even works on sand dunes.

Man-Atee built an assistant to help him fabricate all of his creations.  That helper is the hyper-active Dolph-Intelligence.

Dolph-Intelligence is a little too smart for his own good.  Man-Atee feeds him (sealed) cans of tuna as a reward for a job well done.

Man-Atee likes to put on a show.

Thriller Killer Whalebot puts on a pyrotechnic spectacle.

Man-Atee builds all sorts of dangerous creatures.

Crazy Eight Speed Armored Octopod has some menacing tentacles.  And he shoots motor oil.

Don't let the cute appearance of Otter-Matic Weapon fool you.

Both adorable and deplorable, this robotic otter is unpredictable.

Gradually, Man-Atee started getting an entire world of characters.  Including this gang of hooligans.

Even the background characters were getting the sea life treatment.  Seabird and turtle inspired humans were fun to make.

Here are sea bass, dolphin, and moray eel inspired people.

As usual, naming these guys was fun.

You can't have a sea life superhero without a shark character.

Power Sharkskinsuit and Koi Goldcoin and high roller power players.

As I created more characters, I kept getting distracted from Man-Atee and Woman-Taray.

One of my favorites is Octavius Ink, Tattoo Artist.  I liked him so much, I started spinning him of into his own world.  I gave him his own shop, the This Might Sting Body Shop, along with co--workers (Cray Cray Fisher and Electrolysis Eel---twin of Anti-Social Moray Eel).

Octavius Ink has the ability to create tattoos that come to life.  How can he do this?

Octavius Ink uses Bermuda Triangle Squid ink to create his Tattoos.

Slugdog Millionaire is the best friend of Octavius Ink.
Slugdog Millionaire is such an important pal that he is part of the Octavius Ink Logo.

Yes, that is my skin!

Two living Tattoos that Octavius created are Venom the Sea Serpent and the Fisherman.

At the center of conflict in the world of Octavius Ink is a destroyed romance between the Fisherman Tattoo and a Mermaid Tattoo.
Can the Fisherman reunite with his Mermaid?  Only with the help of Octavius Ink, Tattoo Artist.

Man-Atee and Woman-Taray love Wrestlers, too.

Two of their favorite Wrestlers are All-Mighty Sanddollar Bill and Caped Coralreef Leif.  I am proud of creating a coral reef-based character.

One of the biggest threats to Man-Atee is Cyborg Strangler.  This Angler fish-inspired character also creates mechanical monsters.  His robotic weapons look like nightmarish, deep-sea creatures.

In a Star Wars style twist, we learn that Cyborg Strangler is actually----Man-Atee's father!

What happens when the villain is the ocean itself?

Wave Crash Aquarius is the essence of the ocean.  And the ocean can be brutal.

Man-Atee and Woman-Taray have now surfaced.

Man-Atee's High Flying Fish Machine takes the heroes to adventure (and trouble).

Let the crime wave begin!